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What can I expect?

What can I expect from medical massage?

Massage offers back-to-basic medical care using the nursing process in the rehabilitation of soft tissue. You will experience:
• a decrease in pain
• a quicker recovery time when used as an adjunct to other medical treatments
• an increased range of motion

How is medical massage different than a massage performed at a spa?
Photo of Sally Chapman, RN, LMT

• Multi-specialist medical office
   specializing in soft tissue pain

• Nurse massage therapist

• Nurse Practitioner

• All staff have at least three years
  experience in field

• Case management, offering Nursing

• Patient education


First, medical massage deals with your medical needs while spa massage deals only with relaxation. It is for this reason that staff take a detailed medical history on your first visit.


If you have been in an auto accident, and workman’s compensation or private insurance is involved, a prescription from your physician or chiropractor may be needed. You can be evaluated by our Nurse Practitioner. Treatments generally last 8-10 weeks before being reassessed by your health care provider. At the conclusion of your treatment, a summary will be sent to your referring physician.

It is important for medical care to be individualized. Throughout your course of treatments, we focus on your needs as a whole person. Medical massage is personal and needs mutual communication to customize your specific treatment. Record keeping helps to follow progress and consistence of care.

Self care is vital to maintaining health. By example, you will learn ways to physically reduce stress.
Second, the purpose of medical massage is to help you function better, not “feel” better temporarily. We are interested in treating the source of the problem and not just the symptoms. There may be some initial discomfort. We work with you to correct dysfunctional holding patterns and physical alignment issues to improve your condition with lasting results.

We have been trained in muscle pathology, exact location of tendons, nerves, organs and techniques to influence their function. We work with physical therapists, osteopathic and medical doctors as well as any other health care provider.
Third, our staff has in-depth knowledge of the human anatomy and use physical therapy and medical massage therapy together. Massage therapy emphasizes physical release of pain and the soft tissue component of injury.
Fourth, medical massage deals with specific problems, such as lower back pain, lymphatic drainage, carpal tunnel, rotator cuff shoulder issues, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, sinus problems, jaw conditions, and various other health ailments.
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What can I expect during my massage treatment?
After completing some intake paperwork, you will meet a registered nurse and/or Nurse Practitioner.

a detailed history is taken
a treatment plan is discussed
medical massage is given
During a medical massage we may only work on the problem area and later deal with residual pain. We customize the situation to make you comfortable.
What about cost?

Cost varies, contingent upon your insurance coverage and treatment given. As an example, a typical session can be as low as your insurance co-pay. Private pay visits are $85 per office visit. MVA and workers compensation are usually covered in full.  Please talk with our billing specialist for details on insurance coverage.

What about time?
The initial visit will last approximately one hour to allow time for a detailed medical history and assessment. Thereafter, treatment times will be customized, ranging between 30 and 60 minutes. (In some cases, 90 minute appointments may be warranted.)
Please contact our office at 859-278-8733 or for additional information.  We are here to help get you well.
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