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How can Nursing Services/Medical Massage help me?


It will help me feel better.

Human beings are more than just physical bodies with fixable or replaceable parts. More attention must be focused on uniting the body, mind, & spirit for optimal health.

There are many therapeutic benefits to a massage such as relief of muscle tension and stiffness, reduced blood pressure, reduced mental stress, increased circulation and nutrition to the tissue.  Massage also helps lymphatic drainage and boosts immune systems and calms the nervous system.

Soft tissue work has lasting effects.  Patients learn where the therapist is touching their muscles and will automatically learn to relieve pain by imitation.  It is free, available anytime they hurt, and encourages them to enjoy their bodies, fostering self care.  This will also change the milieu in the body and help with chronic medical conditions.  The goal of medical massage is to get you self-efficient.

The American Massage Therapy Association presents the benefits of massage therapy as they affect physical, emotional, and mental health:
Physical Benefits
Increase range of motion.
Stiffness - This is usually due to a ligament.
Muscular-Skelton Pain Relief
Deep Relaxation and Stress Reduction
Relief of Muscle Tension and Stiffness
Reduced Muscle Spasms
Greater Joint Flexibility and Range of Motion
Increased Efficiency of Movement
Reduced Blood Pressure
Improved Posture
Strengthened Immune System
Disease Prevention Health Maintenance
Emotional Benefits
Enhanced Self-Image
Reduced Levels of Anxiety
Increased Awareness of the Mind/Body Connection
Greater Ease of Emotional Expression
Mental Benefits
Relaxed State of Alertness
Reduced Mental Stress (A Calmer Mind)
Greater Ability to Monitor and Respond to Stress Signals
Increased Capacity for Clearer Thinking
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