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What is Nursing Services/Medical Massage?


"People are now recognizing massage therapy as part of a comprehensive approach to wellness, prevention, stress management, and health."

-Forbes FYI


Medical massage is the science of applying specific strokes and pressure to various body parts in order to release these parts from a dysfunctional holding pattern. Bodies speak in sensations. There is an art involved in understanding this language. Our bodies have much information to give us.

Soft tissue pain is an often undertreated area of medicine. This is where medical massage can assist in muscle rehabilitation. It is important to address the pain before trying to strengthen the muscles.


Medical Massage is treatment.  It is:

Safe and non threatening
Critical to health
Alternative to drugs
Physiologically healing
Multiple modalities

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Massage is a conservative and effective treatment that has been in existence for a long time and is evidence-based.
How can medical massage help me?
What is Medical Massage?   |   How can Medical Massage help me?   |   What can I expect?
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