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Sally M. Chapman, R.N., L.M.T.


I practice medical massage which is the science of applying specific pressure to various body parts in order to make them function better. Using my palpation skills I work with body parts in order to make them function better. Using my palpation skills I work with skin, fascia, blood vessels, muscles and all body systems to improve total health. While massage is relaxing, my emphasis is on healing. Massage is powerful and affects the whole person, physically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. I use my medical knowledge of body processes, in both diseased and healthy people to treat injuries.


To establish an independent practice in rehabilitation and pain management using the Nursing Process and soft tissue work in conjunction with medical professionals.

Registered Nurse
Licensed Massage Therapist in Kentucky
Licensed Massage Therapist  in Ohio
Nationally Certified by the Board of Therapeutic Massage & Bodyworkers

29 years as a bedside registered nurse (medical-surgical, oncology, orthopedics, psychology, chronic care, maternity)


Graduate of Self-Health School of Medical Massage (honors program, emphasis on anatomy and physiology)

Licensed by the Ohio Medical Board and Kentucky

Nationally certified by the Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodyworkers


Former State Representative for the National Association of Nurse Massage Therapists

Member of American Massage Therapy Association

Six month study of Hakomi - a class which teaches treatment of abuse through the body.

On the Advisory Board at University of Kentucky Medical Center for teaching complimentary medicine to students
Continuing Education:
Precision Neuromuscular Therapy for the Lower Extremity – May 15-17, 19 CEUs, NMT Midwest, Inc., Cincinnati, OH
IRS and Taxes – March 23, 6 CEUs, Vivian Madison, Northern KY
Insurance Billing and Procedure, Laws, and Rules – March 22, 6 CEUs, NCBTMB, Northern KY
Precision Neuromuscular therapy for neck and head - August 28-30, 19 CEU, NMT Midwest, Inc, Cincinnati, Ohio
Precision Neuromuscular therapy for form and function - Oct 16-18, 19 CEU, NMT Midwest, Inc, Cincinnati, Ohio
Disorders of the Neuromuscular System: A Cadaver Study Approach – July 19, 6 CEUs, Northern Kentucky University, AMTA Kentucky Chapter, Dr. Scola
AMTA Annual Conference, March 7-9, Lexington, KY:
• Fibromyalgia chronic fatigue and chronic pain “A Holistic Approach” 3 CEUs
• Practiced self care for common posture distortion and discomfort, 3 CEUs,
• Side lying position – effective for all clients, 3 CEUs
• Practicing Ethically in Kentucky, 3 CEUs
Introduction to Belly Massage – February 24 – 16 CEUs, Northwest Coalition of Massage Educators, Marty Ryan, Louisville, KY
Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence, KY Department of Public Health, Continuing Education, November 15, 2 CEUs
Precision Neuromuscular Therapy: Back Seminar, July 28, 8 CEUs, NMT Midwest INC, Lexington, KY
Chronic Pain – May 3, 6 CEUs, Institute for Natural Resources
Alexander Technique: The Mind Body Connection – April 14, 4 CEUs, Ways Meet Healing Arts Center, Berea, KY
AMTA, March 9-11, Louisville, KY:
• Palpatory anatomy of the belly – digestion, 8 CEUs,
• Perfecting body mechanics, 3 CEUs, Sandy Fitz
• Treating the aching back with precision, 3 CEUs, Nelson
Preparing Practitioner for the 21st Century: Community-Campus Engagement Kentucky Ambulatory Network Seventh Annual Convocation – March 2-3, 8 CEUs, Lexington, KY
Palpatory Anatomy of the Belly-Digestion, February 25, 8 CEUs, Northwest Coalition of Massage Educators
CAPTASA conference – January 27, 6 CEUs, Bellarmine University
Precision Neuromuscular Therapy: Form and Function, November 10-12, 19 hrs, NMT Midwest Inc., Cincinnati, OH
Form and Function – Precision Neuromuscular Therapy for the Lower Extremity, November 10-12, 19 CEUs, Cincinnati, OH
Menopause – gateway to adulthood – October 24, 30 CEUs – nursing
Professional Boundaries, – September 24, 2 CEUs, Nursing Education of America
The Disease Chemistry of Addiction, Co-Occurring Disorders and Pain Management and Substance Abuse – September 8, 3 CEUs, The Ridge Behavioral Health System, Lexington, KY
Muscles of the Neck, Back, and Shoulder, August 19, 6 CEUs, AMTA Kentucky Chapter
Preparing Practioners for the 21st Century: Completing the Circle Kentucky Ambulatory Network Sixth Annual Convocation – March 31-April 1, 10 CEUs, Lexington, KY
AMTA Annual Conference – March 10-12:
• Ethic – 3 CEUs
• Pharmaceutical effect on muscle tissue – 3 CEUs
• Music and healing – 3 CEUs
• Rossiter systems – 3 CEUs
• Precision neuromuscular – 3 CEUs
Trauma – neuroscience of the body – May 2, 6 CEUs – Pat Ogden, Columbus, OH
CAPTASA conference – January 27-28, 13 CEUs, Bellarmine University
Low Back and Sciatic Pain – February 11-13, 23 CEUs, Sovereign Seminars, Louisville, KY
In the interest of women – October 10, 8.4 CEUs – nursing, Lexington, KY
Domestic Violence: The Nurse as Victim – April 4, 1 CEU, CE Week
Domestic Violence Update, April 4, 2 CEUs, MyFreeCE/CE Week
Lymph Drainage – November 16-19, 24 CEUs – North Carolina
Neck and Whiplash Pain: Assessment and Treatment of Soft Tissue Injuries – October 22-24, 23 CEUs, Sovereign Seminars, Louisville, KY
Lymphatic Drainage Therapy– November 13-16, 10 CEUs, Cook, Upledger Institute, Inc.
Trauma, Neuroscience and the Body – May 2-3, 16 CEUs – Mount Carmel Crime & Trauma Assistance Program, Columbus, OH
Muscles of the neck, back, and shoulder – August 19
AMTA conference – July 12-14:
• Habitual postural pattern – 4 CEUs
• Dissection and Assessment of the Shoulder – 12 CEUs
Medicare Changes and Patient Reimbursement – June 5 – 4.5 CEUs, US Seminar Corporation
HIV 2001-2002, October 1, 2 CEUs, Nursing Education of America
Training in Sensorimotor Bodywork (6 month study), 114 CEUs, Hakomi Somatics Institute, Nashville, TN
Sensorimotor body work – Pat Ogden
Myofascial Mobilization – November 3-4, 12 CEUs, Myofascial Release Treatment Centers and Seminars, Lexington, KY
Record of Ethics Course, September 15, 2 CEUs, Hakomi Somatics Institute
Lymph edema, 1999, Dayton OH, 12 CEUs
Lymph edema, 1998
Cadaver study, 1997 Northern Kentucky University, 6 CEUs
Nurse massage therapist conference, Institute of Touch, University of Miami, FL, Candace Pert, MD, 1997
First and Second Degree Reiki, October 26, 1997, Whole Life Resources
 From Both Sides of the Table: Managing Fibromyalgia, April 12,1997, 7 CEUs, SHI Integrative Medical Massage School
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